About Us

MILKY WAY Onlus is an Italian non lucrative organisation, founded in 2004 and formed by volunteers.  Milky Way Members are lay people with different background united by the common ground of Christian love, friendship and dignity for all human beings.

MILKY WAY performs its humanitarian activities in the poorest spots of Ghana and, in Northern Ghana, co-operates with the Catholic Diocese of Yendi in addressing the socio-economic challenges facing the poor and marginalized people in the diocese.

MILKY WAY is particularly committed to improve education, human rights and wellbeing of the children in the Chereponi District (one of the eight districts that forms the Diocese of Yendi) where the the main Milky Way programmes are based.


Milky Way is running a scholarship programme to allow poor bright children to attend secondary or tertiary education. We think that formation and high education could pave the way to development.
In this current school year (2016-17) we have 24 children at universities or high schools. Since we started, 61 children have reached diploma o degree.
With a limited financial cost, distant adoption school programme gives a poor child the opportunity to go to school; children in this programme grow up within their families, in their communities. In addition to education, distant adoption means daily food, health care and love from far away people who are concerned with his/her growth and participate to his/her life exchanging photos and letters.
It is a model school and an integrated project for the wellbeing of children in order to give them: quality education, clean water, food, medical care. It is based in the village of Ando-Nyamanu, Chereponi District, and now 540 children are attending our school complex.
We started the project in 2006 and till now we have built:
– one kindergarten
– two primary schools
– one junior high school
– an ICT laboratory equipped with 41 computers
– two boreholes  + one water storage to collect raining water
– toilettes
– kitchen + refectory
– offices + stores
– a children clinic


MAMA ROBERTA SCHOOL  –   In 2009 we built MAMA ROBERTA SCHOOL, a two classroom kindergarten in the village of Kpaboku in the Chereponi District. Soon after, we drilled a borehole and built kitchen, refectory, store, first aid infermery and two water storages do collect raining water.


MAMA CARLA SCHOOL  –  In 2011 we built a big school for kindergarten and primary children, in the village of Kulkpeni, Chereponi District.


Milky Way has drilled 8 boreholes in schools and villages.
Recently, we have started a programme of water storages to collect raining water.

We run apprenticeship programmes and provide the successful trainees with the basic tools to enable them to start working. We also run projects to generate small income for women and co-operative farms for rural communities.
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