Providence Home is a bright house for homeless children based in AFLAO, a town at the border with Togo on the south-east corner of Ghana. At present, it is safely sheltering 28 children of different ages, most teen-agers.

With the distant adoption programme and the financial support of Fondazione Rita Levi-Montalcini, Providence Home children are cared for education and all their needs.  As soon as they finish basic education, we grant them either full training to get a skilled job or secondary/tertiary formal education, according with their abilities.
With a limited financial contribution (150 euro a year), distant adoption schooling programme gives a child in particularly difficult conditions the chance to go to school and have a future.
Children in the distant adoption schooling programme grow up within their families. This programme also means food, health care, love from far away people who are concerned with his/her growth and participate to his/her life exchanging photos and letters.

Every year in November or December, benefactors receive new photos and details of their child (personality, school progresses, life, community, etc.) plus a letter o drawing according with the child age.

An integrated project for the wellbeing of young children that covers: nutrition, education, health. It is based in Ando-Nyemanu village, in the rural Chereponi District, and caters for 12 nearby villages. Now almost 150 children are attending our day-care centre.
Nutrition: we provide everyday very nutritious free meal cooked and served in the most hygienic way.
Health: In 2007 we have drilled a well (borehole) to give children drinkable water and ELIMINATING infant and children deaths caused by polluted water. Soon we’ll build a basic clinic staffed permanently with a professional nurse and where check-up and treatments (de-worming, malaria, vaccination, etc.) will be performed periodically by a travelling medical team.
Education: Since 2005 we have built a big 3-rooms block for preschool staffed by our trained teachers. Recently we have started a primary school also. Soon we’ll add a full sanitation facility.
foto-11.jpg WATER FOR LIFE
In addition to the borehole of our day-care for children, we were able to drill other two boreholes to provide drinkable water for communities in the villages. These type of wells are expensive because a thick lay of rocks must be drilled to reach water at 30-50 meters depth.
Next step in our campaign “water for life” is about the digging of a rain catchment big enough to ensure water during the long dry season for agriculture purposes.
We run apprenticeship programmes (dressmaking and tailoring) for young illiterate women. We give the successful trainees the basic tools to enable them to start working.
Recently, we have started little projects design to generate small income for women and rural communities, like: bakery; chickens, goats and grass-cutters farms.
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